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Black Mom -n- Lilac Point Kitten
Standard & Non-Standard Munchkin Longhair Sisters "Precious" & "Classy"

Munchkin litters are composed of Standard (short-leg) and/or Non-Standard (long-leg) kittens.  Both types of kittens will result no matter whether the parents are a mating of Standard Munchkin to Domestic, Standard Munchkin to Standard Munchkin, or Standard Munchkin to Non-Standard Munchkin.  The ratio is usually 50/50, yet sometimes ranges from 100% to 0%.

One of our Standard Munchkin queens, "Bunny," had only Standard kittens in her litter even though she was outcrossed to our Domestic Longhair stud, "Meringue."  Also, two of our Domestic Shorthair queens, "Mukaluk" and "Ices," had only Standard litters.  Whereas, two others, "Pixie" and "Chickapea," had a Standard/Non-Standard ratio of 2:1 and 3:1.  All these litters were sired by the same Munchkin stud, "Bezzelbug."  But our "Mukaluk" line has given us the best ratio.  Since the beginning, many descendants from her line have produced only Standard Munchkin kittens in their litters.

Standard & Non-Standard Munchkin Longhair Brothers "Baxter" & "Rickashay"

Thus far to date, it is believed that there is no viable homozygote in the Munchkin breed.  The only way to know if a cat is homozygous or heterozygous for the Munchkin gene is by the offspring of not only one breeding but many.  This aspect of the Munchkin phenomenon is also being researched in order to determine if there is, in fact, a viable homozygote.

Standard & Non-Standard Munchkin Shorthair Sisters "Isis" & "Crystal"

But we do know that the Non-Standard Munchkin kittens resulting from all types of breedings do not carry the Munchkin gene because of it being autosomal dominant, which means that the gene is neither sex-linked nor carried recessively in a heterozygous state.  Nevertheless, this does not mean that these kittens are loved any less than their short-legged littermates.  In fact, some of these kittens possess qualities -- for example, overall nice conformation, beautiful coloration, and/or outstanding disposition -- that would benefit a Munchkin breeding program.  Yet there are those kittens that have similar qualities but are better suited for a pet home.  Such decisions are based on an experienced as well as personal level for all kittens.

Binky Jo's Snowy Paw Prints
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